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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Jan 2021
Dear customers and members of the public,
We're living in pretty extraordinary times. COVID-19 Coronavirus is a very serious and real threat to our society and one that threatens many lives. This is something that we at Wood Pellet are taking very seriously. The health and well-being of our staff, our customers and all vunerable members of our society are our top priority and we are taking steps to minimise the risk to everyone. We would like to encourage anybody and everybody reading this to please listen to our Government and in particular the Department of Health and follow their advice thoughout this period.
We're fully operational however, site visits are strictly curtailed to emergency and urgent operations only. Our staff are working from home and are happy to help everyone we can by phone, email and social media. We are also taking the following steps to ensure that we do our bit to limit the spread of COVID-19:
  • Our sales representatives and technicians are limiting physical calls to stores and to customers
  • Apart from these emergency call-outs, all our staff are working from home and are not physically meeting each other, except where absolutely necessary
  • All vans have been equipped with hand cleanser for use by our staff
  • Staff have been trained on COVID-19 related circumstances and advised of hand washing procedures, intervals and to maintain a safe distance from all personnel they come in contact with during their work
  • For any call-outs, the building occupants must vacate the building where possible. In the instance where someone is in self-isolation or cocooning, it is required that these persons remain in a room, away from the work area, for the duration of the call-out
  • All surfaces that our staff come into contact with in your home or business, will be wiped down with an anti-bacterial solution on completion of maintenance works
  • Staff have been advised to immediately report any feelings of being unwell or any cases of COVID-19 within their family or circle of friends
  • No sick or potentially infected member of staff will be allowed to work outside their own home, until proven not to be infected with COVID-19
  • We will take any advice issued by our Government and act upon that advice promptly
  • Our staff have been advised to listen to and follow Government advice on a personal level also
  • We believe that these simple measures will do a lot to limit the possible spread of COVID-19. We will follow any further guidance from the Department of Health but hope we can continue to operate for the foreseeable future.
As this is a very fluid situation, we recommend that anybody reading this, monitors the websites, for which there are links below, for the correct and most up-to-date information, as issued by our Government.


Resources for the most up-to-date information and advice include:

  • The Health & Safety Executive (HSE): This is our Government's health service
  • Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC): The HPSC provides advice for the general public and for specific groups and settings, including employers, healthcare professionals, education settings and religious settings
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: This Government department provides travel advice
  • World Health Organisation:
  • Centre for Disease Control:
  • Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation: They provide a checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19
  • The Health and Safety Authority:
  • Our Governement's video with advice in relation to COVID-19:
  • Another informative video by
Please feel free to copy, paste, forward, share this information in any way you'd like.
If you have any queries about our policy and procedure regarding COVID-19, please don't hesitate to contact us at or contact Gloria on 083 123 6445
We wish you and your family and friends all the best throughout this outbreak and we are confident that by taking sensible measures and everyone working together, we can limit the harm and get back to our normal lives in a short time.
All the best,
Fergus Mc Manamon
General Manager
Wood Pellet
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What our customers say:

  • My son and I recently installed a Redonda 17B glass boiler and a Francesca 17B boiler stove and we’re both delighted with the products. They’re very cheap to run, give constant regulated heat, have a very smart design and are easy to operate.

    We have no hesitation in recommending the guys from Wood Pellet, who from the start, gave us expert advice from initially just thinking about changing to wood pellet, right up to installation of our new stoves. Secondly, Kieran O'Callaghan from Doherty's Hardware in Roscrea gave us expert advice and matched the correct product to suit our needs. Damian Lawlor, on oe who installed the stoves to a very high standard.

    We highly recommend these guys.
    Sean O'Meara. Roscrea, Co Tipperary
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